Here and Now

1 x 82’ HD
Inner-city girl Grace has got the hair, the clothes and the attitude. Her parents are trying to save their marriage with a cheap family holiday: a week in the country. Say is a local boy who, despite his name, barely talks. After a chance encounter with their parents, Say is cajoled into showing Grace around. Grace is disdainful; Say is sullen.

Say avoids all the usual teenage haunts, instead showing Grace the important places of his isolated life. Say is both repelled and drawn to Grace’s loud streetwise confidence. Grace is intrigued as to what goes on in Say’s head. They set off on an unlikely adventure through castles, fields, across rivers and into caves. The atmosphere at home gives neither any reason to return. Adversity pushes them together.

With emotions running high, a clumsy come on from Grace is met with a startled rejection from Say. Their nascent friendship almost falls apart but instead forces them into new emotional territory. In the mountains something happened that made Say stop talking and it is here that he finally opens up. When Grace hears his story she herself is lost for words.