Ready Or Not

6x60 HD
Welcome to the quiz show… that comes to you!

It doesn’t matter where in the country you are, or what you’re doing, our team of hilarious quiz show hosts won’t be far away, ready to surprise you with their crazy games!

Ready or not is a unique new comedy entertainment format which combines hidden camera prank show and play-along game.

Every game begins with a brilliant surprise moment, where an unsuspecting member of the public suddenly becomes part of the show. They then must answer quiz questions for the chance to win cash… right there and then!

You never know when our hosts will appear – they might pop through the middle of a couple’s table in a crowded restaurant, or host an entire gameshow in a car park Lift. They might make visitors take part in crazy challenges though the audio guide in a public art gallery… or they might just be a talking dog!

This warm-hearted format is a perfect showcase for new comedy talent, and a celebration of everyday people up and down the country.

So if you want to win big, you’d better look out - because we’re coming for you… ready or not!